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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I Know How Many Cubic Yards Of Concrete I Need?
A: To Better Serve Our Customers And Their Needs, We Have Included A Concrete Calculator Tool To Help You Quickly Determine The Amount Of Concrete You May Need. This Tool Is A Formula Only And We Do Not Guarantee Its Accuracy. The Customer Is Responsible For Any Shortage Or Over Ordering Of Concrete


Q: Why Am I Being Charged For Returned Concrete?
A: Every Time You Send Back Unused Concrete We Must Pay To Dump It. It Is Very Important That You Take This Into Consideration When Estimating The Amount Of Yards You May Need.


Q: What Are Your Hours Of Operation?
A: Normal Hours Of Operation Are Mon-Fri 6:30AM-3:00PM. We Will Accommodate Requests To Remain Open Later Or Open Prior To Normal Hours. Please Note: Overtime And Plant Opening Charges Will Apply.


Q: I Need Tr2 And Tr3 Forms. Why Cant I Get Them From Casa Directly?
A: Casa Is A Concrete Supplier, Not A Testing Lab. Tr3 Forms Are Provided To You By The Testing Lab That Runs The Mix For You. Casa Simply Signs Off On The Form Stating That We Will Provide You With The Specified Mixes On The Forms. Tr2 Forms Are Provided To You By The Testing Lab That Will Be Testing The Concrete. Casa Signs Off On The Forms Stating That We Delivered The Mix On Those Specific Dates And We Were Made Aware Of The Test Results.


Q: Are Your Drivers In The Union?
A: Yes, Casa’s Drivers Are Members Of Teamsters Local 282.


Q: Can You Provide Me With A Mix Design?

A: Yes, Casa Can Provide You With A Standard Mix Design That We Have Testing Labs Run For Us Annually Which You Can Submit To Your Engineer For Approval. However, If You Need Forms For The DOB You Will Need To Contact The Testing Labs Directly.


Q: What Testing Labs Do You Use?

A: Casa Does Not Limit Ourselves To Specific Testing Labs.

We Go In Accordance With The List Of NYC DOB Licensed Testing Labs.


Q: What Are Your Prices?
A: Prices Are Based On Several Factors And Proportions. In Order To Better Help Serve You And Get You Quick And Competitive Pricing Please Contact One Of Our Sales Reps With Your Mix Specifications And They Will Gladly Be Of Assistance.


Q: What Number Do I Call To Place An Order?
A: You Can Reach Our Dispatcher By Calling 718-589-1555

If you have a question, please Contact Us.

For Other Concrete Frequently Asked Questions, Please Visit NYC DOB FAQs Here:

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